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Stork Chat with Ginger Maule, MSN, CNM, RN

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A Series on Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond


October 20 | Optimizing Your Birth Experience
We will discuss what healthy physiologic birth looks like and ways that the medical community can interrupt the process.

November 3 | Informed Decision Making
in Pregnancy and Birth
Understanding the many options parents have in pregnancy and birth and how to navigate decision making in a way that allows you to be informed and empowered.

December 1 | Postpartum Planning and Support
The postpartum period is the 4th trimester of pregnancy. Now that babe and mom are physically separated, how can we preserve their bond, promote healing, and maximize breastfeeding?

January 5 | Breastfeeding 101
The basics of breastfeeding. Signs of a good latch. Signs that babe is getting enough. Breastfeeding frequency and duration. Preparing to express milk/ pump if planning to return to work.

February 2 | Newborn Care
Cloth diapering. Baby wearing. Baby led weaning. Recommended vaccines. The circumcision decision. Safe sleep environments. We will explore the many options available to parents.

March 2 | Birth Planning 101
Expanding on the information from the previous sessions, we will discuss how to create the environment for your optimal birth experience. We'll discuss movement, pain management and coping techniques. We will also address how to adapt if expectations differ from reality.

April 6 | Celebration!
We will join together one final time to share and celebrate our birth stories and pregnancy adventures.

Ginger Maule is a Certified Nurse Midwife currently serving the Dine community, working full-time at Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock, NM. She started her career as a bedside RN in a busy cardiac ICU and moved to the Emergency Room where she continued to care for patients in various degrees of crisis and illness. Becoming a parent changed her forever and receiving excellent midwifery care during her pregnancies influenced her decision to change career paths. 15 years after becoming a nurse she returned to college and received her graduate degree. After years of attending patients on some of their worst days of life, midwifery now provides Ginger with an opportunity to be with families as they celebrate pregnancy, birth, and beyond. When not consumed with breastfeeding and birth related materials Ginger enjoys skiing with her family, mountain biking, and hiking with her BFF, Fluffy.

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