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Sketty and Meatball by Sarah Weeks 

A children's book cover titled "Sketty and Meatball" with illustrations of a spaghetti-covered dog and a smiling brown dog.

Best friends Sketty and Meatball do everything together. They play together. They bark together. If Sketty sniffs a flower, Meatball sniffs a flower too. If Meatball wags his tail, Sketty’s tail is wagging too.

Young readers will be delighted by two pals called Sketty and Meatball, who happen to look quite a bit like their names.

Sketty and Meatball is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it’s perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. Whether shared at home or in a classroom, the short sentences, familiar words, and simple concepts of Level One books support success for children eager to start reading on their own.

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