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League of Women Voters presents Don't Trash Recycling! with Mel Jarmon | 10:15a-12p

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Mel Jarmon, the Manager of Landfill Operations for Montezuma County, will talk to residents about the Montezuma County Landfill recycling operations. There will be a presentation to explain overall composting and recycling operations. You may be surprised to know that the electronic recycling opportunity in the county is centered at the landfill. Find out more information about residential recycling in Montezuma County:

You’ll find an excellent aerial photograph of the landfill to help you comprehend the size of the operation at

The most problematic issue with recycling is contamination. Mel will discuss issues encountered at the landfill and how you can help make the recycling process more efficient through your recycling efforts. There are many misconceptions as to what can and cannot be recycled. Improper recycling requires countless hours of hand separating out non-recycle waste. The landfill website has a list of acceptable materials and a video on issues with contaminated recycling called “Chasing Arrows: The Truth About Recycling” – it can also be viewed on YouTube at (10:56). We encourage you to watch this informative video.

Mel Jarmon has been the Manager of Landfill Operations for Montezuma County since 2019 and is certified through SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America). Mel is from the local area, graduated from MCHS in 1984, served in the Navy, and then helped run Jarmon Irrigation with his brothers until they sold the company to Cruzan Irrigation.

Saturday, April 8th | 10:15a-12p 

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