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E.M. Photography on Display in the Quiet Room

Three photographs of natural landscapes and flowers, titled "E.M. Photography," for display at a library.

Em McKinley (E.M., they/them) is a social worker and photographer in Mancos whose work focuses on capturing the beauty, emotion, and felt sense of being in nature, with an emphasis on the natural landscapes of the Four Corners area. Em began exploring film photography in 2022 as a way of slowing down and engaging the the processes of mindfulness, intention, and delayed gratification. Their paternal grandfather owned a camera repair shop, where their father worked as a teen, so working with film photography has been a meaningful way for them to connect to their ancestors and family history. Through their photos, Em hopes to share the same sense of peace, wonder, and connectedness they experience in nature with others.

Please visit our Quiet Room during the month of April to view E.M.'s photography and see nature through their eyes. 

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