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Craft with Nature: A Kid's Guide to Creating with Materials from the Great Outdoors by Héloïse Charier-Maurel 

A book cover titled "Craft with Nature" showcasing crafts made from natural materials.

In this guided collection, young crafters and artists will find step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs that will aid them in creating decorations and playful projects using elements of the natural world.
Author and artist Hélo-Ita opens with encouraging words that will inspire crafters to pay closer attention to the environment and all it has to offer when outdoors, whether they’re on a serene hiking path in a forest, dipping into the waves at the beach, or simply playing in their own background or walking to school. You never know which materials you may find!
The projects featured throughout this fully-illustrated book can be created as displayed on the page and may inspire future crafts. Types of creations include greeting cards, sculptures, light displays, kawaii rock pets, mobiles, ships in bottles, and tea light villages—all requiring the most basic supplies (tape or glue, scissors, paints or pens, thread) and whatever natural materials you source!

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