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Wolf Restoration & Coexistence with Matt Barnes | 6p

Wolf close-up with event details for "Wolf Restoration and Coexistence in Colorado" talk.

Wolf Restoration and Coexistence in Colorado

 Ranching with Wolves: Lessons from the Northern Rockies


It's been paws on the ground since December 2023.  Find out about how the released wolf population is faring, the ins and outs of the state mandate and how it was implemented, and the future of wolves in Colorado- including impacts on ranching and learning to coexist. 

Matt Barnes, a rangeland scientist, works on human-carnivore coexistence through Reintegrating Wildness, a project of the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative. He served on CPW's wolf restoration Stakeholder Advisory Group, which helped develop Colorado's wolf plan. Previously, he worked with ranchers in Montana and Wyoming to reduce wolf-livestock conflicts.

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