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LEGO Lab | 1p 

advertisement for Lego Lab, this is a photograph of a mini figure with curly brown hair and a five o clock shadow, they have a green shirt and a blue vest and backpack on, they are holding a map and compass, there is a Lego fox on the left and two Legos in red and yellow on their right, the Dolores Public library logo is in the yellow Lego, the Lego mini figure has a thought bubble above their head describing the purpose of Lego Lab.

In the LEGO Lab activity for kids, young builders will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination through the colorful world of LEGO! From constructing towering skyscrapers to designing intricate vehicles, children will engage in hands-on learning experiences that promote problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. With endless possibilities at their fingertips, participants will learn to think outside the box and bring their wildest ideas to life. The LEGO Lab is not just a place to build; it's a space where young minds can soar and dreams can take shape, one brick at a time.


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