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Mindfulness For Middle Schoolers | Friday, September 8th

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In this workshop, we will...

Explore a few topics that make middle school a challenging time in youre life and learn new ways you can cope with it all a little more easily. 

We will discover what's going on in your brain at this time of your life and learn way to work with your thoughts, emotions, reactions, and more, so that when you want to focus or calm down you actually know how to do that. 

Led by Marnie Rehn, Marnie is a Mindfulness Educator certified with the Mindfulness Training Institute which is accredited by the International Mindfulness Teacher's Association. Beyond leading trainings directly in her community and online, she mentors other mindfulness teachers in their pursuits towards certification and has spent over 20 years in the public sector achieving National Board Certification as an Educator and Instructional Coach. Because Marnie knows from direct experience that the lives we lead in today's world tend to keep us more busy and stressed than we would like, she crafts her workshops to assist others in feeling more embodied and at ease in the midst of our daily tasks. This way, people can move from human doing back into our natural state of human being, more in peace and present in the moment by moment experience of our lives, our work, and our relationships.

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