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Cancelled | The Fundamentals of Ayurveda & All About the Doshas with Lily Russo | 5:30-6:30p


Discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, a holistic health science that can support your whole being, body, mind, and soul. This class will empower you with time-tested knowledge for better self-care, lifestyle practices, and dietary choices for yourself and your family. Learn about the three doshas, aka mind-body types, the principles of treatment, the five-element theory, and the main approaches to holistic health with Lily Russo, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach.

Lily Russo is a 500-hour ERYT Yoga Teacher and leader of Prana Vinyasa Teacher Trainings. She has been studying Ayurveda for the past 15 years after becoming fascinated during her very first yoga teacher training. In 2020 she completed a 300-hour Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching training through Shakti School. Currently, Lily is also 5 of 6 semesters into completing her Master’s Degree in Maharishi Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine at Maharishi International University, set to graduate in December. She is passionate and purpose-driven in sharing this healing knowledge.

"Ayurveda has helped me manage anxiety, digestive problems, and sleep struggles. It has allowed me to help many others with issues ranging from ulcers and constipation, to depression, hair loss, metabolism issues, and acne. (I) love how it has transformed my relationship with myself, with my loved ones, with food, and with nature." -Lily Russo

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