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Author Talk: Curt Melliger | 6-7p

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Join us from 6-7p on Thursday, June 29th to hear from Curt Melliger about his latest book Where the Weeds Grow.

While roaming North America in search of answers, Curt Melliger stumbled upon a number of them in the most unlikely of locations and the strangest of situations.  He learned that gaining access to the ultimate is not possible by taking the safe, easy, predictable route, but rather by walking on the wild side.

The wild side of life.

This book is a selection of Melliger’s essays on subjects ranging from the simplest of all to the most sublime, from the wonders of water, rock, and moonlight to the miracle of existence, the mystery of death, and the possibility of returning to heaven early.  It explores ocean, desert, and mountain, places that are not on any map, and the unmowed corner of your backyard.  It examines adrenaline rushes, near-death experiences, and “impossible” coincidences.  There are stories about discovering the secret to happiness in the middle of nowhere, the heart of the city, and small-town alleys late at night.  Moments when time seems to stop moving and when it flies at the speed of light.  Things that last only for a split second and others that endure forever.  Looking into the eyes of a wolf and feeling the feathers on a pigeon’s back.  Hearing the call of the wild and responding accordingly.

For raw, pure, unadulterated wildness is readily available on this unparalleled planet we inhabit, but only if we dare to cut the rope and leave the herd behind.  Because, you see, ecstasy lies just beyond the lawn, the pavement, and the fence.

It waits for us in the weeds.


Author Bio:

Curt Melliger hit the road at age seventeen and never looked back.  He spent many years traveling around North America by thumb, freight train, old cars and trucks, and on foot.  During this vision quest he wrote down his experiences in a hundred notebooks and discovered the joy of arranging words and sentences in unusual sequences.

Curt’s first book Heaven Here on Earth explored how and why the Ultimate is accessible to mere mortals.  This second collection of essays further delves into the mysteries, the wonders, the wild things of this ever-amazing world.

He currently lives in southwest Colorado where he is busy working on his latest bucket list.

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