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Qi Gong with Sound Bath | 5:30-6:45p

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Awaken body, mind and emotions during this qi gong and meditation class guided by Kristina Umberger, accompanied by a soothing live sound immersion by Annette Kearl, PhD, MT-BC. Qi gong is a mindful movement practice integrating exercise, posture, breathing awareness and meditation. Combined with the frequencies of the various instruments, this session will lead to greater vitality, with the goal of a clearer, calmer state of mind and deep states of relaxation.

Call to register: 970-882-4127
Space is limited.

Kristina Umberger, LMT, leads a weekly qi gong class at the library on Tuesdays from 10:15a-11:15a. She is a graduate of the Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone, CO where she completed an intensive training that wove together Traditional Chinese Medicine with the art of massage. Kristina is the owner of Sacred Designs and Creative Healing. In addition to guiding qi gong, Kristina also teaches yoga privately and is a martial arts practitioner.

Annette Kearl, MA, MT-BC received her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy from Utah State University. She completed her internship at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton, CA. She has maintained her board certification since 1988. She studied sound/vibrational healing with Fabien Maman at Tama-Do: The Academy of Sound, Color, and Movement in France as well as Sound Yoga with Sri Hanuman.

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