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Drum Talk with Annette Kearl, PhD, MT-BC

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Drum Talk is a modern approach to an ancient method – chanting vocal syllable patterns to prepare for drumming. Kids and adults love it!

Drum Talk is the study of common principles found in all traditions of drumming and makes the learning of traditional music much easier. For thousands of years, serious musicians in many cultures have learned drum languages with syllables that sound like percussion instruments. When you say a pattern, loosen up, and feel the music in your body first, it is much easier to play a pattern on an instrument. We’ll play simple music-making games emphasizing improvisation, self-expression, listening, group communication, and leadership.

Music is brain food. Music teaches young people life skills for academic and interpersonal success. Music is the only activity we know of that simultaneously uses all eight centers of the brain at once. Childhood is a magic time that follows up the rest of our lives. Better scores in reading, math, and social skills are consistently associated with music education.


Open to kids ages 5-11 and their adults

Call to register for *both* sessions: 970-882-4127

Annette Kearl, PhD, MT-BC received her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy from Utah State University. She completed her internship at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton, CA. She has maintained her board certification since 1988. Annette has experience teaching kids of all ages. For more information about Annette, visit

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