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Winter Tales - Dear Toots: Half a War-Torn World Apart - 1941-'45 | 6-7p

May contain: advertisement, poster, person, face, and head

When Uncle Sam calls on Grant Carpenter, he goes, despite the fact that he has just met his dream girl, gotten his dream job, and bought his dream car. “Carp” finds himself activated into the Army Corps of Engineers in May of 1941, prior to the United States' entanglement in World War II. You’re invited to follow this Army Officer’s experiences over the next four years through the surprisingly funny, poignant, sometimes profound letters he writes home to his single mother, Toots.

Susan Carpenter Noble, Grant's daughter, performs the story from the viewpoint of Toots, reading a selection of letters from the book and sharing historical information about WWII.

Thursday, March 23rd, 6-7p

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