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Qi Gong with Kristina Umberger | 10:15-11:15a

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Qi Gong is the art and practice of leading, harmonizing, and cultivating one's qi within the flow of the constructs of nature. Qi can loosely be defined as the interpenetrating force that animates, interpenetrates, and comprises all living things, places, space, and time. When one forms one's self according to the constructs of nature (yin and yang/polarity), qi is invited to flow harmoniously, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the definition of health. The Qi Gong taught by Kristina comprises of dynamic and static postures performed for extended lengths of time, and includes Waist Power Qi Gong, Akitaiso, Nature Qi Gong, Wuji Hundun, and several other forms.

Call to register: 970-882-4127

Kristina Umberger, LMT, is a graduate of the Crestone Healing Arts Center in Crestone, CO where she completed an intensive training that wove together Traditional Chinese Medicine with the art of massage. Kristina is the owner of Sacred Designs and Creative Healing. In addition to guiding qi gong, Kristina also teaches yoga privately and is a martial arts practitioner.


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