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The After Nap Club: An Afternoon Meet-up for Caregivers and Their Toddlers | 4-5:30p

advertisement for the after nap club, the graphic is a green background with purple lettering, there is a pink stuffed bunny toy on the C and a small child in blue pajamas in the L, the text indicates the purpose of the club with date and time, the Mancos public Library and Dolores Public Library logos are found at the bottom of the text

Need something to do with your toddler between nap time and dinner? Start dinner in the slow cooker and drop-in to the children's room at the library between 4-5:30p on Thursdays to meet up with other caregivers and toddlers.
The Mancos Public Library is offering this opportunity on Tuesdays from 4-5:30p as well!

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