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Winter Tales - Wyatt Billie the "Navajo Trout Bum" | 6-7p

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Wyatt Billlie, aka Navajo Trout Bum, is a fly-fishing guide in Colorado and New Mexico, but that is only a part of his story. He hit a low point after joining the USMC right after high school. Unsure of other prospects, Wyatt discovered fly-fishing on a trip back home, happening upon an angler fishing on the Animas. A six-weight, an Appalachian creek, and a brook trout later, everything changed. The opportunity and peace that fly-fishing has brought to him not only changed his trajectory but in a sense, saved his life. His story is one of growth and healing, all thanks to a fly rod and a few perfect trout.

Thursday, Feb 9th, 6-7p

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